Photo by Maciek Gołyźniak.

I am a freelancer photographer based in Warsaw.

I have been shooting concert since 2009. During my work I photographed big festivals like Kraków Live Festival, Orange Warsaw Festival, Sonisphere, Selector Festival, and Malta Festival, but you can still meet on concert for a few enthusiasts.

I worked with bands and musicians like Riverside, Lunatic Soul, Tides From Nebula, Sorry Boys, Werk, Maciek Gołyźniak, Natalia Nykiel and Sawblade.

During me free time, I enjoy instant photography with my Polaroid camera.

I’m also tea lover.


  • 2017 – IV Warszawska Wystawa Fotografii Koncertowej/Fourth Warsaw Exhibition of Concert Photography
  • 2015 – Pierwsi Fotografowie Warszawy (zdjęcia współczesne)/First Photographers of Warsaw (current photos)
  • 2015 – III Warszawska Wystawa Fotografii Koncertowej/Third Warsaw Exhibition of Concert Photography
  • 2014 – II Warszawska Wystawa Fotografii Koncertowej/Second Warsaw Exhibition of Concert Photography
  • 2012 – Wystawa Studentów Warszawskiej Szkoły Fotografii/Exhibition of Warsaw School of Photography Students